Considering Relocating Your Business? There’s A Lot to Consider.

Businesses commonly cite a multitude of reasons for relocating. These include:

Access to talent

Many employers are evaluating potential business locations to better recruit and retain younger, more skilled and specialized talent that can boost productivity. Employees looking for a better quality of life that includes lower cost of living, better education systems, the cultural environment, entertainment options, crime rates, healthcare services and the state of the surrounding area.

Reaching new markets

Business markets, like everything else, will change with time. Existing markets could flatten, and planning and implementing a growth strategy to move closer to a large segment of their market, or to establish a presence in a new market targeting a new customer base, can help develop significant growth.

Lowering costs/increasing cash flow

As businesses grow, they can find themselves in a position where their current location doesn’t offer the space and expanding facilities they need. Rather than investing the extensive time and capital to build new headquarters and upgraded systems, they realize the easier, more affordable option to become more competitive is to relocate.

The list goes on

While the decision to relocate your business could well be a smart move that could catapult your company to the next level of success, the best way to minimize risk is to work with an established commercial real estate consultant in the market you’re considering. That’s why even Fortune 500 companies forgo relying solely on internal real estate departments, and turn to commercial real estate consultants to help them navigate what is a time-consuming, complex process. Consultants who provide an invaluable edge, from listing access to contacts to proprietary market knowledge and analysis. From negotiating leverage to the nuances and legalese of contracts.

For unmatched guidance and expertise in helping you determine and execute relocating to The Woodlands or surrounding areas, call Foldetta Commercial. You want the best? It’s your move.

VIP Tinters Plus Bedliners

VIP Tinters Plus Bedliners, LLC has leased 50,000 SF at 3901 FM 1485 for spray coating of automotive accessories, audio systems and drill rig equipment. 3901 FM 1485 was represented by Ross Foldetta and Jeff Swearingen at Foldetta Commercial.

Forbes 2019 Predictions For Houston’s Commercial Real Estate Market

More attention to the human factor in building use and design. A blurring of functions between some market segments. Yet more demand for connectivity, walkability and integrated systems. Amenities proliferation and rampant e-commerce. Throw in the wild card of wiggy oil prices and you have some of what’s predicted for Houston’s 2019 real estate market, based on a series of year-end real estate outlook presentations, industry panels and an informal poll of participants. There’s momentum, they said. And there are challenges.

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Randall Feuer, MDPA

Randall Feuer, MDPA has leased 1,120 SF at 21301 Kuykendahl Road, Suite H in Spring, Texas for general practice specializing in chronic disease patients. 21301 Kuykendahl was represented by Ross Foldetta and Jeff Swearingen at Foldetta Commercial.

Definitive Interventional Spine Center

Definitive Interventional Spine Center, LLC has leased 4,000 SF for a Pain Management Center specializing in the diagnosis and therapeutic treatment of neck and back pain. Located at 21301 Kuykendahl Road, Unit A in Spring, Texas. 21301 Kuykendahl was represented by Ross Foldetta and Jeff Swearingen at Foldetta Commercial.

Malls Offering More Are Alive and Thriving

The news could seem bad when you consider that U.S. mall vacancy rates through the first quarter of 2018 were at the highest level since the end of 2012. E-commerce is projected to account for a third of retail sales by 2030, according to a new report from global management consulting firm A. T. Kearney. Warren Buffet believes that Amazon has killed retail.But retail doubters have a lot in store for them. It’s very fashionable to say that malls are dying, but it’s simply not true. Future success depends to a large degree on being able to “unlearn” the lessons of the past. The way to find that “never-looked-better” future for malls, is to reimagine malls and shopping centers as what are now called CESs, or “Consumer Engagement Spaces”, new retail configurations that cater to what today’s consumers really want, which aren’t just “things”. Morphing malls into CESs is imperative for life. Smart, forward-thinking developers like those in The Woodlands understand this vital concept. They are betting big in retail because they are thinking big. Thinking of, and creating innovative and immersive experiences that are expanding retail off the shelves. They are turning malls into exciting destinations, not just shopping destinations. Vibrant, exciting adventures that allow customers to shop, dine and play, all in the same spot. Evolving, growing and changing things up, The Woodlands is transforming adversity into long-term, profitable opportunity, creating an ongoing stream of ready-to-spend foot traffic. Both local, and tourist.

As Kevin Costner touted in the baseball classic, Field of Dreams

“If you build it, they will come.”

To find out more about retail opportunities like those in The Woodlands, call the experts at Foldetta Commercial at (281) 466-2880. It’s just smart business.

Palace Nails Bar to open second location

COMING SOON Palace Nails Bar to open second location, offer grand opening specials Dec. 16

Terrie Smith of Foldetta Commercial represented the Tenant in this deal.

NP CPA has signed a lease at 5 Grogan’s Park

5 Grogan’s Park, The Woodlands, Texas
NP CPA has signed a lease at 5 Grogan’s Park, The Woodlands, Texas, relocating from their current location. 5 Grogan’s Park was represented by Sean Smith at Foldetta Commercial.

2,617 SF at 9450 Grogan’s Mill Road

9450 Grogan’s Mill Road, The Woodlands, TX
DataTrans has renewed its lease for  2,617 SF at 9450 Grogan’s Mill Road in The Woodlands, Texas.  DataTrans Solutions provides a broad range of quality EDI and eCommerce solutions designed to enable companies to communicate business data electronically.

5,652 SF Leased at 11497 Old Oak Lane

11497 Old Oak Lane, Conroe, Texas

Paragon Services, Inc. has leased 5,652 SF at 11497 Old Oak Lane, Conroe, Texas to execute a local project.

The Landlord was represented by Sean Smith of Foldetta Commercial.