Special Quality Alloys Purchase of 3539 FM 1960 Rd E

Special Quality Alloys purchase of 3539 FM 1960 Rd E

Special Quality Alloys (SQA) has purchased an industrial building at 3539 FM 1960 Rd E. SQA, is a service center leader in the distribution of Bars, Forgings and Pre-Machined Components in nickel-based superalloys, duplex, super duplex, martensitic and high strength stainless steels, whose materials are used in critical equipment around the world in demanding critical sectors like Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Aerospace and General Engineering industries. The recently acquired building is neighboring their current office/warehouse building and spans 10,000 square feet at 3539 FM – 1960 E. This strategic move signals SQA’s commitment to enhancing its operational capacity and market presence by venturing into dedicated manufacturing facilities.

The acquisition represents a pivotal moment for SQA as it strengthens and expands its capabilities in the distribution of Forgings, Rolled Rings, and Bar Stock. With the support of Ross Foldetta and Jeff Swearingen from Foldetta Commercial, SQA secured a prime location that offers convenient access to major transportation routes and key industrial hubs, ensuring seamless logistics management and timely delivery of products to clients locally, domestic, and international.

SQA’s expansion into the new facility underscores its unwavering commitment to excellence in production capabilities, technical and metallurgical support, and quality service. By leveraging the acquired property, SQA aims to enhance its production capabilities, diversify its product offerings, and meet the evolving needs of its clientele across diverse sectors. This strategic investment positions SQA for sustained growth and success in competitive industries requiring metallurgical engineered products while reinforcing its reputation for quality, reliability, service, and innovation.